Please share the following resources to help your Midtown neighbors experiencing homelessness:

Community-based resources


The LA Community Guide

Many useful services to help meet daily needs are available within our community already but not known to the people who could use them.

  • Know of lunches for seniors, low-income family pool passes, TAP card giveaways?

  • Add to the list!


Submit a request for an outreach team to connect with someone in need. (Los Angeles Homeless Outreach Portal)

You can read more about the process on the LA HOP website but the reason why it is a useful tool at the community level is because it helps the outreach teams figure out if one of their clients has been moved/displaced from other part of the neighborhood.

  • If you see someone in need and you’ve never seen them before. This may be the first link to services for this person.

  • If someone you’ve seen before is looking like they are having a harder time than usual and may need special attention. For example, recently not wearing shoes and the rainy season has just started.



Families with minor children are highly prioritized for services

call 211 for emergency shelter tonight